The Mallocrest Collection

As requested, I have assembled the Mallocrest flashes together in their approximate chronological order on this page. This is not a complete work. It is a collection of flashes strung together in a semi-disjointed continuation, so inform your expectations appropriately.

This first set begins with Mallocrest fleeing trouble in the south with Enta, the details of which are not given, though we have hints that it came as a result of him rescuing Enta from some bad men. Days 136 through 154 follow a continuation, as do days 104 and 107, but they can otherwise be read in any order.

The first one is short on action, but sets up the ensuing adventures.

Day 136: Northern Flight

Day 152: Where Legends Die

Day 153: Flight from the Tsheemarocs

Day 154: In the Thick of the Swarm

Day 124: Porgrents on the Grassy Sands

Day 104: Skreepers

Day 107: Despair in the Emptiness of Time

These next two are part of incomplete subplots that occurred after Enta was gone, and have not been integrated with the previous events or the later ones.

Day 66: Lost Among the Crusties

Day 72: Running from Ghowats

The rest of these are part of one long continuation, and will make the most sense if read in order.

Day 202: The Search for Enta

Day 203: Mallocrest the Slave

Day 204: Surviving the Internment

Day 209: Escaping the Internment

Day 210: In the Hole

Day 245: What Hope, a Pilolite?

Day 246: Cotspurrels

Day 247: Threads

Day 248: On Enta’s Trail

Day 249: The Endless Trail to Enta

Day 252: Hunter for the Hive

Day 260: Finding Holblasha

Day 274: A Night of Weeping

Day 284: How Far, the Limit of Love

Day 300: Children of the Desiderasha

Day 301: Sleemerin Kill

Day 302: A Slave’s Tine

Day 304: Resilience in the Emptiness of Time

When I wrote the title for Day 351, I’d forgotten that I’d already used it on Day 300. They are two different stories. It is at this point that I focused a great deal of energy towards bringing the Mallocrest continuations to a conclusion before the end of the 365-day project.

Day 351: Children of the Desiderasha

The following Day-49 flash can just as well be skipped for the story’s sake. It is the very first flash where I created the world in the “Emptiness of Time” off the top of my head. Because of that, it is not extremely well formed, it says things about the character and the world that wound up not being true of them in their mature forms, and it is a bit odd. Additionally, the relevant parts of it are repeated in the following flash from Day 356.

Day 49: The Desiderasha in the Emptiness of Time

Day 356 (T minus 9): Into the Belly of the Desiderasha

Day 357 (T minus 8): The Voice of the Desiderasha

Day 359 (T minus 6): My Beloved

Day 360 (T minus 5): Trapped in the Desiderasha

Day 361 (T minus 4): No City of Light in the Emptiness of Time


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