Flash Links in Order

This page provides links to all the flashes from Day 1 to Day 365, so you no longer have to scroll down for three days to start at the beginning. Enjoy.

Flash 1: Bargit’s Neighborhood

Flash 2: What Everyone Knows

Flash 3: All for Amila

Flash 4: Treasures of North Korea

Day 5: Slippy the Wibble

Day 6: Unrelenting Baptism

Day 7: Four Knocks

Day 8: The Churn of Souls

Day 9: The Man with the Axe

Day 10: The Demonstration

Day 11: Davis County Chicken

Day 12: Psychogenic Communion

Day 13: First Contact

Day 14: The AI and Father O’Brian

Day 15: The Mummy’s Last Redress

Day 16: Missed by a Plarton

Day 17: Kissing and Shooting in Davis County

Day 18: Time Travel Forensics (TTF)

Day 19: A Child’s Labor

Day 20: Alexis and the Bebot

Day 21: Making Friends on DC Metro

Day 22: The Burly Man

Day 23: The Timekeepers

Day 24: Veiled Hopes

Day 25: Elder’s Barter

Day 26: The Busker—Palos de Flamenco

Day 27: Ancient Spells Are Tricky

Day 28: Ghost in the Guitar

Day 29: Made From Scratch

Day 30: Chef Robot

Day 31: A Scamper in Time

Day 32: Dinner at Horton’s – Part 1

Day 33: Dinner at Horton’s – Part 2

Day 34: Time to Come Clean

Day 35: A Plan for Linda

Day 36: Variations on Denial

Day 37: Scabby the Grinder

Day 38: Replacement Car

Day 39: Time is Murder

Day 40: Zip Line

Day 41: Arresting Aliens

Day 42: Inalienable Rights (Arresting Aliens—Cont.)

Day 43: Isabel and the Ghost

Day 44: Super Soldier, Super Wounds

Day 45: Dipteridot 3

Day 46: Flower Magic

Day 47: Ill-Mannered Plush

Day 48: Howie’s Universe

Day 49: The Desiderasha in the Emptiness of Time

Day 50: The Client’s Revenge

Day 51: Error! Error!

Day 52: Snakes and Tadpoles and Wasps and Things

Day 53: What Choice, the Vine of Power?

Day 54: Jim’s Got the Look

Day 55: Don’t Dis at Dumpy Donuts

Day 56: Alien Qualifications

Day 57: Car from Hell

Day 58: Barber Knows Best

Day 59: Maid Service for a Wizard

Day 60: New Clubs

Day 61: A Jar of Ancient Secrets

Day 62: Encounter with a Weeder

Day 63: The Middleman

Day 64: Wibble Ambush

Day 65: Playing the Field

Day 66: Lost Among the Crusties

Day 67: Buried

Day 68: Hetty Trades Up

Day 69: Magic Disposal Technicians

Day 70: Attack of the Hisheel

Day 71: Playing the Long Game (Attack of the Hisheel—Cont.)

Day 72: Running from Ghowats

Day 73: Space Janitor

Day 74: Spaceship License

Day 75: Professional Shapeshifter

Day 76: Interview for a Vampire Killer

Day 77: Muck-About Beautification Project

Day 78: The Staff of Jonder

Day 79: Town Meeting

Day 80: Cale’s Staff

Day 81: Carriers of Safera

Day 82: The Contagion

Day 83: The Pampered Chef Party Crashers

Day 84: Cracking the Alien Machine

Day 85: Beedoopel and Stingpeesel (Peemeekadoo Antics, Part 1)

Day 86: Stingpeesel and Geeneeba (Peemeekadoo Antics, Part 2)

Day 87: The Busker’s Fandango

Day 88: Gary and the Genie

Day 89: Abduction is Tricky

Day 90: Wandlungswahl

Day 91: Robot in the Sand

Day 92: Bedtime for the Lost Dudes

Day 93: Fair Games—Meklin vs. Muck-About

Day 94: Alien at the iHop

Day 95: Bradley’s Revelation

Day 96: Vampire Profiler

Day 97: Register Three

Day 98: Nanobots on the Brain

Day 99: Four Dudes and a Wormhole

Day 100: Three Wishes for Chad

Day 101: Like Pin Art, Only Different

Day 102: Elder in the Crypt

Day 103: A Wibble’s Quest for Intelligence

Day 104: Skreepers

Day 105: Four Dudes—Thinking of Home

Day 106: Stained Glass

Day 107: Despair in the Emptiness of Time

Day 108: Peemeekadoos and the Grand Canyon

Day 109: Ty, Will, and the Big Mystery

Day 110: Robot Shopping

Day 111: What’s the Deal with this Cat’s Birthday?

Day 112: Nice Throw

Day 113: Three Tests for the Lady’s Hand

Day 114: Apps vs. Puddlescrumps

Day 115: First Step for Dana

Day 116: Peemeekadoos in the Hamster Cage

Day 117: Hamster Wranglers

Day 118: Stare Decisis

Day 119: Token

Day 120: Phantasmic Carwash

Day 121: The Secret of the Duel

Day 122: Old Haunts

Day 123: Starving Artist

Day 124: Porgrents on the Grassy Sands

Day 125: Invisibility Pills

Day 126: Mr. Travio’s Flower Shop

Day 127: Daniel Went Too Far

Day 128: Respect for the Dead

Day 129: Unshared Visions

Day 130: Four Dudes and an Emergency Landing

Day 131: Emergency Landing — Part 2

Day 132: The Long Walk to Bubbly City (Emergency Landing—Cont.)

Day 133: Waiting for Planetside Service (Emergency Landing, Cont.)

Day 134: Nanobot Experiments

Day 135: Four Dudes and the Garbage Quest

Day 136: Northern Flight

Day 137: Time Machine Breakdown

Day 138: Make Him Feel Small

Day 139: Digging the Earth Culture

Day 140: Idiots and Thugs

Day 141: UFO Orientation

Day 142: Ty Aims for a Billet

Day 143: Purposeful Beginnings

Day 144: The Staff and the Ox

Day 145: Delay at Lurpeedurp

Day 146: Assisting Patterbutt

Day 147: A Solution for Patterbutt

Day 148: An Ambassador for the Wibbles

Day 149: Off the Axis

Day 150: Tea with the Mole Man

Day 151: Darren’s Arrest

Day 152: Where Legends Die

Day 153: Flight from the Tsheemarocs

Day 154: In the Thick of the Swarm

Day 155: Men in Black on a Train

Day 156: Ox Head

Day 157: Follow-up to a Brain Scan

Day 158: Security Guard Wanted

Day 159: Blind Date

Day 160: Lana Rising

Day 161: Oklahoma Tourists

Day 162: Hunting the Off-Worlder

Day 163: Rub-a-dub-dub, Three Sentients in a Tub

Day 164: Confab Regards an Off-Worlder

Day 165: The Off-Worlder’s Benefactions

Day 166: The Sad Stories of Sam and Glenda

Day 167: Buzzed by an E.T.

Day 168: Gremlins at the Assembly Plant

Day 169: Welcoming a Wizard (Gremlins at the Assembly Plant—Part 2)

Day 170: Pest Control (Gremlins at the Assembly Plant—Part 3)

Day 171: Carla Ventures Out

Day 172: House Hunting

Day 173: Car Deal for a Wizard

Day 174: Jack and the Symbiont

Day 175: How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Feepin?

Day 176: Symbiont Relief

Day 177: Pass the Symbiont

Day 178: The Last Host

Day 179: Home at Last

Day 180: Slippy the Wibble Represents

Day 181: Growing Batano

Day 182: Copper Mine Discovery

Day 183: Usher Ambush

Day 184: Wizards and Airports

Day 185: Mauri and Tish Get It Done

Day 186: Danny Can’t Sleep

Day 187: Monstrous Medicine

Day 188: Nanobots at the Mall

Day 189: Ghouls on the Seventh Floor

Day 190: Ghoulish Reservations

Day 191: The Wizards of the World

Day 192: Wish Interference

Day 193: Darwin’s Huckleberry

Day 194: Ghoul Team

Day 195: One Little, Two Little, Three Little Ghoulies…

Day 196: Emergency Grooming

Day 197: The Rise and Fall of a Bichon Frise

Day 198: Slippy and the Physicist

Day 199: More Than One Way to Skin a Ghoul

Day 200: Ghoul in the Pool

Day 201: Wibble Ride-Along

Day 202: The Search for Enta

Day 203: Mallocrest the Slave

Day 204: Surviving the Internment

Day 205: Four Dudes and the Emperor of Pangamasht Quadrant

Day 206: Beauty and the Robot

Day 207: Pernicious

Day 208: LifeSim

Day 209: Escaping the Internment

Day 210: In the Hole

Day 211: UFO Hunters

Day 212: Freak Show

Day 213: If the Spacesuit Fits

Day 214: Common Turf

Day 215: Tryouts for an Okie

Day 216: The Life and Times of a Cyborganic Space Station

Day 217: Area 51 Briefing

Day 218: Life of the Party

Day 219: Encounters in Space

Day 220: Four Dudes Waiting at the Stargate

Day 221: Christmas Away From Home

Day 222: The Warlock that Stole Christmas

Day 223: The Free Elf

Day 224: Slippy the Wibble’s Pet Inquiry

Day 225: AI Cash Register

Day 226: Concert Guitarist

Day 227: Odd Interr’gations

Day 228: Outer Space Salvage

Day 229: Sussing Jedediah’s Lot

Day 230: Deja Who?

Day 231: Liberty Head Nickel

Day 232: An Accounting of Mars

Day 233: Commercializing Mars

Day 234: Stacy Takes On Mars

Day 235: Casino Night

Day 236: Dead-Eyes at the Laundromat

Day 237: Intergalactic Moments

Day 238: Working Elf

Day 239: Covering the Crime

Day 240: The Racing Solution

Day 241: Slippy and the Cornhuskers

Day 242: Real Life with Sonja

Day 243: A Blue Beret

Day 244: New UFO, New Management

Day 245: What Hope, a Pilolite?

Day 246: Cotspurrels

Day 247: Threads

Day 248: On Enta’s Trail

Day 249: The Endless Trail to Enta

Day 250: Troubleshooting the Magic Fabric

Day 251: Strange Planet

Day 252: Hunter for the Hive

Day 253: Rescue at Sea

Day 254: Rescue in Deep Space

Day 255: Yes and No with an Alien (Rescue in Deep Space—Continued)

Day 256: Jedediah and the Lady

Day 257: Willing Subjects

Day 258: Esoteric Sciences

Day 259: Keeping it Real with the Cheswicks

Day 260: Finding Holblasha

Day 261: Saving Mr. Pinckney

Day 262: More Animals for Slippy

Day 263: The Games Aliens Play

Day 264: UFO Spoor

Day 265: A Job Fit for a Robot

Day 266: Mass Mind Control

Day 267: Slippy the Wibble’s Special Mission

Day 268: Four Dudes and Teleportation

Day 269: Alien Predilections

Day 270: Space Gremlins

Day 271: Troublesome Withdrawal

Day 272: Portable Skills

Day 273: The UFO Hunters and the Zombie Apocalypse

Day 274: A Night of Weeping

Day 275: Mythological Mayhem

Day 276: Nymphs’ Affliction

Day 277: Bagging a Broog (Mythological Mayhem, Part 3)

Day 278: Interview with Frankenstein’s Monster

Day 279: Swag for a Wibble

Day 280: Mystery Map

Day 281: A Soul Made Raw

Day 282: To Rule the World

Day 283: Driving Test for a Wizard

Day 284: How Far, the Limit of Love

Day 285: The “L” Word

Day 286: Warlock’s Talisman

Day 287: Interview for an Alien Abductor

Day 288: Slippy the History Buff

Day 289: The Dragon and the Clown

Day 290: Big Wind

Day 291: Glass Half Full

Day 292: The Monster Next Door

Day 293: BAWK Authorization

Day 294: The Bewitching of Jimmy Dickerson

Day 295: The Burdens of a Werewolf

Day 296: Three Wishes for Buddy

Day 297: The Future of Present and Past

Day 298: Zara’s Aphorism

Day 299: Time Sync

Day 300: Children of the Desiderasha

Day 301: Sleemerin Kill

Day 302: A Slave’s Tine

Day 303: Chewing the Fat with a Gray

Day 304: Resilience in the Emptiness of Time

Day 305: How to Catch a Squabit

Day 306: Rush Hour with Garbol

Day 307: Friends in Troll Places

Day 308: Three Wishes for Sal

Day 309: How to Gain Favor with a Snorkelpooch

Day 310: Four Dudes and the Intergalactic Talent Show

Day 311: Don’t Blaspheme the Mummy

Day 312: Pterodactyl Ride

Day 313: All in a Day’s Work

Day 314: Tempting the Modern Man

Day 315: Dudes Off Course

Day 316: Proxy Robot

Day 317: Four Dudes and the Porligraps

Day 318: Max

Day 319: The Wrong Man

Day 320: A Wizard’s Work….

Day 321: The Untouchable’s Tragedy

Day 322: Peemeekadoo Fun with Lasers

Day 323: Slippy Goes Public

Day 324: Will vs. Grays

Day 325: Grounding Grays

Day 326: Slippy’s Picnic

Day 327: Beauregard

Day 328: Latter-day Sirens

Day 329: Garbol’s Sea Voyage

Day 330: The Interrogation

Day 331: Four Dudes and a Tranport

Day 332: The Heart of Language (Four Dudes Flashback)

Day 333: It Takes Two

Day 334: Lawn Treatments

Day 335: Courier of the Apocalypse

Day 336: Scoring Points from the Flibberty-boos

Day 337: Junder the Tree Puller

Day 338: The Mad Scientist

Day 339: BIID

Day 340: Yakobi256

Day 341: In the Wake of the Phantom Ships

Day 342: The Phantoms’ Grievance

Day 343: Phantom Justice

Day 344: Sparrow

Day 345: Off-Worlder Ambush

Day 346: Lassoing Off-Worlders

Day 347: Penny’s Time Travel Service

Day 348: Vampire Ascending

Day 349: A Cue Stick for Garbol

Day 350: Four Dudes and a Universe Stretched

Day 351: Children of the Desiderasha

Day 352: A Wibble’s Search for Mastery

Day 353: Seeing and Believing

Day 354: The Perfect AI

Day 355 (T minus 10): Vacating Mars

Day 356 (T minus 9): Into the Belly of the Desiderasha

Day 357 (T minus 8): The Voice of the Desiderasha

Day 358 (T minus 7): Navigating the Universe–A Four Dudes Flashback

Day 359 (T minus 6): My Beloved

Day 360 (T minus 5): Trapped in the Desiderasha

Day 361 (T minus 4): No City of Light in the Emptiness of Time

Day 362 (T minus 3): Middle Earth in Weinberg Station

Day 363 (T minus 2): High Noon agin the Grays

Day 364 (T minus 1): The Happening

Day 365 (Done): Four Dudes and the Space Zombies



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