Day 313: All in a Day’s Work

Gubtizzle’s bio-scanners showed no other humans in detection range, so Bzerplet froze time within a dizmep radius, zipped his spaceship over the boxy vehicle, and flooded it with the incapacitation beam. It was larger than most, so he missed the back end, but it stopped and shook like they always do, then quieted.

Bzerplet and Gubtizzle tubed to the ground with the standard abduction equipment.

The conveyance was quite large.

“Have you done one of these before?” asked Bzerplet.

“Yah,” Gubtizzle prepared the cocoons. “Designated vehicles of recreation, sometimes used as domiciles.”

Bzerplet circumvented the door mechanism with a jibzib and crept inside.

A very small human, almost like Bzerplet himself, sat in the pilot seat, and a massive, roundish one in the navigation. They’re musculature relaxed from the beam effects, they stared glassy-eyed at nothing.

While Gubtizzle dragged the cocoons inside, Bzerplet examined the domicile compartment and released all latch mechanisms in order to document all artifacts.

A back compartment’s door swung slowly open, and from it came the most terrifying rumble Bzerplet had ever heard.

“What was that?” snapped Gubtizzle.

Bzerplet trembled.

“That’s a dog, you idiot.” Gubtizzle hissed. “Did you screw up the incapacitation beam again?” He pushed the cocoons out of the way. “Get out of here!”

As Gubtizzle climbed out, a pointy eared, long-snouted canine emerged from the compartment and roared in short bursts. Bzerplet dove out of the vehicle, a cocoon cushioning his fall and saving him injuries. He scrabbled up, catching view of Gubtizzle frantically working the tube controls, and turned to shut the portal, but the beast lunged at it, swinging it open and propelling Bzerplet backwards.

Bzerplet ran for the tube, but the monster nipped at his pitzels. “Gubtizzle!”

Gubtizzle shrieked, threw up his arms, and bolted down the hardened path made for earthling vehicles. Bzerplet sped after him, the dog biting his wubzer and tearing off tizpets. It chased them for a time, then lost interest and skulked back to its transport.

Bzerplet collapsed and flooded his ximples with air to recover. He rubbed the injuries on his wubzer and stumbled over to Gubtizzle.

Gubtizzle grashed his flants. “You have to incapacitate the entire target, you flubgubbet.”

That stung, but Bzerplet turned his attention back to the vehicle, brightly lit up by their spaceship hovering above it. The creature clambered into it.

“Quick. We can shut it inside.”

Bzerplet pulled Gubtizzle off the ground and ran toward the transportable domicile. Before they reached it, the man stepped into the doorway holding a shotgun. He raised it and pointed it directly at them.

“Shotgun!” said Gubtizzle. “Take cover!”

They dove behind the equipment and the air exploded, pieces of composite materials shattered around them.

“Hit the tube! Hit it now!” yelled Gubtizzle.

Bzerplet reached his hand over the top of the gorbalizer and slurreled the flob. The tubulizer flupped them back into the ship with all their gear. They could hear the booming of the shotgun, and the viewer showed the earthling pointing it at the ship.

“Get us out of here,” said Gubtizzle.

Bzerplet climbed into the pilot harness and zipped up and out, releasing the time stasis when they were out of range.

Gubtizzle sat up and regarded the damaged equipment.

“I’m getting too old for this.”

Bzerplet shrugged. “It beats slinging hash.”


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